12-14 March 2017
Grosvenor House, Dubai, UAE

Akin Adamson

Director Middle East

3:30 PM Infrastructure, technologies and the evolution of digital services for the smart city

This presentation will explore how to build a cyber physical space by creating a complete Internet of Things, including men, machines, and city infrastructure through a variety of wireless sensor networks to accomplish real-time analysis and control by super-computers on cloud computing platforms

12:00 PM Discuss and explore through proven examples and get answer to pressing questions such as

  • The technology – the technology is there but how far can it be taken
    - What is realistic and what is still to futuristic?
    - Connecting the public and private space?
  • Adoption models – especially in light of Dubai’s target of 25% of journey by 2030
    - What modes – i.e. do these include the metro (and, if so, is the 25% target ambitious enough?)
    - What use cases?
    - How ready is the transport network infrastructure?
    - Full or partial autonomy?
    - Timeframe?
  • Safety – especially in light of recent accidents involving autonomous vehicles
    - What’s the safety dividend from the move to autonomous vehicles?
    - Where will it come from?
    - How quickly can this be achieved?
    - What, if any, are the new safety risks – and how to mitigate?
  • User acceptance and legalities – in light of the push from government and the readiness of the technology
    - How ready is the public to accept these new forms of transport?
    - What are the regional barriers to adopting and autonomous and multi-modal transport network?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Akin.

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